Pepsi Music Mic Pass


Having a radio show is a brand new dream of mine. It’s a vision I’ve been having lately in the back of my mind that needs to come to the front ASAP. At first I was thinking about my service to music and being the first to introduce new records to all the ears. I know what a valuable service that can be to emerging artists.  I also know about some sisters of mine called Hey Girl Hey. We have A LOT to say about a whole LOT. I got a taste of radio in the studio the other day for Pepsi Music Mic Pass. Maybe talk radio is in my future?

Nevertheless, in an awesome world wide web series in music….Yahoo & Pepsi have teamed up to Pass the Mic to up and coming MCs from around the country. Houston was the last stop and now, my home… NYC! I’m a big fan of 88 Keys & love hearing new emerging talent. I think the entire NYC Mic Pass flows so well. It was just plain fun to get in the studio and imagine a Cottontail related radio show coming together one day (I can dream!) To watch & hear Krista & Avery in the studio singing their hearts out and writing this song was amazing, their freestyle and harmony with the melody was an awesome experience.

Check it out!



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