Serenity in the Concrete Jungle


I coexist in several communities; Hey Girl Hey, Art, Fashion, Wellness, and I have to say that the Russian Turkish Baths is way up there! It has without a doubt been a reliable source of detoxification and relaxation. We can all get high strung and stressed in this city, and frankly I really don’t know where I would be without the baths!

There are several hot rooms in the bathhouse, the two most popular being the Russian and Turkish room. But the aromatherapy room (which smells like eucalyptus by the way) is mystical and tranquil. I often conduct hand holding energy pulse circles where we all chant the word OM through our throats. This is a powerful source to deepen your connection with yourself, others, and the universe. There is also a freezing cold pool that you’re meant to jump into after enduring all the heat. The opposition from hot to cold awakens your system and is great for blood flow.

Other services on top of the already enjoyable experience are salt scrubs, massages, and mud wraps. My favorite service hands down is the Oak Leaf Platza or what is called “Jewish acupuncture” to many! The Platza is done in the highest elevated part of the Russian room. You are laid down on towels and literally beaten with a broom made of fresh oak leaves made of natural astringents and massaged in olive oil soap. Sounds painful right? It is a bit shocking to the system initially but the outcome is so rewarding. Just breathe into it – this procedure has proven to remove toxins and open pores. I can only say that I feel like I am almost floating afterward – a wonderful and beneficial investment at $35 per session. The best natural high since chocolate covered pretzels!

For all of you sun worshippers, there is also a nice sized rooftop with benches if you want to take a break from the steam room and chill out a bit! You have the ability to purchase memberships with the Bathhouse or just pay $30 per visit (this allows you to stay as long as you would like for the day of purchase).  All in all, it’s a worthwhile investment and a strong co-existing community – check out this East Village hidden treasure!


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