Sunday Funday in Upstate NY!


I love to get away. Who doesn’t? New York City is a treasure trove of fun on a daily basis. So much to do and explore. There also exists a whole world right outside the city waiting to be explored. I needed a great spa experience. It’s one thing to go to a spa in the city, relax and feel zen but, the moment you step out those doors you are back in the hustle and bustle. I needed more. Enter Buttermilk Spa.

I hopped in the ride and headed north on I-87 to the teeny town of Milton, NY. I arrived at the spa and immediately felt 10 lbs lighter. The spa is known for its Eco-friendly philosophy. The building utilizes the power of the sun and earth to heat the sauna, steam room and mineral pool using both solar and geo thermal energy. The view from the pool was amazing. I scheduled a hot stone massage. I arrived early to take advantage of the sauna. After a few minutes, my masseuse came to find me. I enjoyed an awesome 90 minute treatment. The ambiance in the room was totally relaxing with soothing music and subtle natural lighting.

After the massage, I loved how there was no rush to hurry up and get dressed and get packing (as I am sure you have encountered in other spas). If I wanted I could have stayed to partake in more pool, sauna or steam room action. I was starving though and ready for the next adventure. I asked the receptionist if there were any good places to eat nearby and she mentioned heading to New Paltz, a 20 minute drive north.

New Paltz, is a quaint little town with a great hippie feel to it. I “Yelp”ed to find the best food spot in town and all signs pointed towards Main Street Bistro. The menu was so amazing. I was overwhelmed. Breakfast all day and Lunch also! I had died and gone to food heaven. I decided on the Guaca Baca Burger and wasn’t disappointed. Though I will have to return to try the Apple Cinnamon Pancake special they had.

I noticed couple of vintage shops in the neighborhood and decided to pop in. Ohh vintage! Vintage Studio is a must see. The owner was really friendly and helpful with any questions I had. I found a black and white houndstooth blazer, circa 1980 that was a steal at $20!

So, upstate NY was a blast! Massage, good eats and vintage shopping makes for an excellent Sunday excursion. I’m feeling rested and prepared to take on the week (in my new blazer)!


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