4 AM


Hey Girl Hey – from Philly!

The first Friday of the month always brings about some crazy awesome times in Philly from gallery openings to parties, every corner you turn there is something to do.

Dirty and Jay Yo’s first Friday party is definitely the next big thing. Something that is going to last because it always brings a fun and fresh vibe every month!

Some notable guests of 4AM are: Matt & Kim, Holy Ghost, La Riots, Dj Sega, Yo Majesty, Drop The Lime, In Flagranti, Death Set, Heidi, Sammy Bananas and upcoming guest King Britt 1.08.10

4AM is a party that Philly pretty much just needs!

It has an underground vibe, on the late night tip for a diverse crowd. DJs cater to a crowd that enjoys the deeper and  more popular sounds of House/Techno/Indie music. 4AM wants to satify the musical tastes of young and old party goers but still expand on and push the musical boundaries. Also just having a great fucking time.

“We encourage popping your PBR all over the crowd on the dancefloor, Dancing till Dawn and just being cool from the inside out.” – Dirty

The new club 4AM has started to take over, Samba, is huge and perfect for a party at this level. Also, the party actually goes to 4AM!

Can’t make it this Friday? That’s okay because every month it is just going to get bigger and better.



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