Nadja does Basel


Here’s a special Art Basel recap from everyone’s favorite gamin German, Nadja!!! Enjoy, rabbitos!!



“I’m very happy my friend Roxy asked me to report for all you bunnies from Art Basel. It motivated me to go to as many exhibitions as possible instead of just party down in Miami, the party’s were sick btw.

On the first day of Art Basel I met up with my friend Florian Böhm from Munich, a very talented photographer. A gallery was showing his work so I was very happy he was in town. Anyway, we had brunch and he gave me an invitation for the Design Miami. The Design Miami was in a very small tent but they showed nice works of Maarten Bass, an incredible designer from the Netherlands. He won the Design Award 2009 for this chair.

PHOTO 1.jpg

I really liked his so called “Drawer.”

PHOTO 2.jpg

It looks like a spaceship has landed on planet earth.

After that Kenise, is my oldest friend in NY, and I went to see the Wynwood Walls.


Shepard Fairey had a huge wall space which was stunning. I love him so much. He has reached world wide attention since he drew Obama during the 2008 election. The public nature of his artwork, on walls, street signs, T-shirts and in various ad campaigns, allows anyone to see it. On his website, he sells his prints, shirts, books and stickers at affordable prices. Which is rare in contemporary art.

At the Wynwood Walls I then spotted ‘YONE‘ Yasumasa Yonehara a well known Japanese photographer and art director, I adore his work so much, I went up to him and said hi. He was very friendly and amazed I recognized him, we talked and he gave me a flyer of his exhibition and said I should come:)


I was even more excited, because I didn’t even know he was showing his work.

My friends from Berlin were in town for Art Basel they run the monthly event ‘THE BROKEN HEARTS CLUB‘. They throw parties in Berlin, for Paris and Berlin Fashion Week, Stockholm, Miami and it’s always something special. They’ve got themed parties like ‘the Mask Ball’ or ‘Chinese Ball’ where all the fabulous freaks come out and dress up. The idea behind The Broken Hearts club is that friends, DJs, designers and drtists play their favorite love songs all night.

The party was at 721 Bar on South Beach and Peaches was the guest of the night. It was a special karaoke performance by Peaches and she seriously killed it the place was packed.
PHOTO 5.jpg
On the next day I went to check out Yone’s exhibit it was in an old fashioned Miami Motel in 2 rooms, I loved the atmosphere right away.

PHOTO 6 .jpg

PHOTO 7.jpg

PHOTO 8 .jpg

PHOTO 9.jpg

I saw his work all over blogs, French press as well as in Self Service and lots of other magazines and I thought he did the American Apparel ads. When I asked him about it he told me that American Apparel was interested in him doing the ads so he met up with “The Chief” and he took photos of Yone’s portfolio of every single image. Soon his style was copied by American Apparel and yet they never hired Yone. I was literally shocked! I asked him about his images and which camera he uses, he then pulled out a small FujiFilm Polaroid Camera and said, I take pictures with this and then blow ‘em up!

PHOTO 10 .jpg

If you got curious read his interview here.

That night we were pretty pretty busy partying first we went to see Kid Sister at the Delano. She killed it of course, Rocking Kerin Rose’s Sabotage Glasses.

photo 11.jpg

I was so busy dancing I couldn’t get a straight shot. Her dancers rocked golden Pantomime masks- AMAZING.

After we were all hyped up by Kid Sister’s performance we went straight over to the Raleigh Hotel where I met up with Alina, Moonie and Tatiana. Junior Sanchez and Atekniq threw a rooftop party. It was exactly what I expected to be an amazing house party.

photo 12.jpg

After that we wanted to rave some more, since I peeked in the Club Le Baron the night before, we all headed over to the Delano again. Le Baron is a club in Paris. I’ve been there twice and it’s so Parisien, absolutely lovely. André the owner, who did the Le Paris Paris Club and runs the amazing Hotel Amour, opened up ‘the little brother’ the Club Le Baron just for Art Basel. As we headed over we ran into SO ME the Art Brain of the Ed Banger Crew. We hung out and had an amazing night, danced a lot. I would say we danced into the morning.
photo 13.jpg

After a looooong nap I met up with Alina and we all headed downtown to see the Pulse Art Fair, it was just too much good art to all be taken in, the thing is with big art fairs you are so busy with how much is around that you can’t really enjoy it, but I found some nice things. Like Glitter Vinyl how awesome is that!

photo 14.jpg

I especially loved the neon lighted books too.

photo 15.jpg

We all wanted to check out Photo Miami as well but then this huge cloud of frightening hurricane gray came over us.

photo 16 .jpg

It was only a few hours away until Alina’s 30th Birthday, her friend managed to put us on the list for David La Chapelle’s exhibition after party at the Raleigh Hotel poolside. It was rad, posh, overwhelming, A,B and C celebrities freaks, gallerists and party people all came together. They served free everything, it was amazing. They even had a live jazz band and old fashioned dressed swimmers who performed.

photo 17 .jpg

After that it was another long night out, we headed over to Downtown where we celebrated Alina’s 30th Birthday at the Ghostly International 10th Anniversary at the White Room. I sadly ran out of battery so no pics from there.
That was about it! I must say Miami rules hard, the weather, the people, the food the parties. It was a trip I will never forget.

Can’t wait till WMC 2010!




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