Punk Rock Flea Market


So I’m pretty much going to dedicate my posts on here to the new and upcoming/ old must-dos in Phildelphia.

The Punk Rock Flea Market is something that I literally get upset over if I miss it. You can pretty much do ALL of your Christmas Shopping here!

It’s run by R5 Productions which is an awesome DIY company that is dedicated (and accomplished this very well) to providing Philadelphia with affordable concerts and shows and giving the under 21 crowd an opportunity to see bands that do not usually play all ages venues. These guys fueled my High School fun!

The Punk Rock Flea Market has been going on for some 5-6 years now. There is a Summer and Holiday edition. They use the money from the VERY small donation to help keep up with equiptment costs and keep the All Ages shows running. All without giving in to the evils of Live Nation!

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be Punk Rock to go to this! There are tables of anything you can imagine, vintage clothes, art work, hand made jewelry, local Philly clothing companies, baked treats to keep you going throughout the day! This event has gotten so big that what used to be a one day extravaganza has made it to two days!

Not only is this Flea Market the best/coolest/filled with crazy talent it helps support a cause that I believe in! If you find yourself with nothing to do in Philadelphia on Saturday December 19 – Sunday December 20th, now you know what to do!

It will be held at the Starlight Ballroom which is on 9th street just south of Spring Garden St. See you there!


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