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Big, blond and beautiful!

January 20, 2010

So, by now we’ve all seen the V Magazine shape issue pics. They are gorgeous.

Damn, she is pretty darn nekkid, isn't she?

From gorgeous plus sized model Tara Lynn wearing nothing but some bangles and pair of Dior heels to downtown New York kids of all sizes it’s a crazy issue with a gajillion photographers, designers, stylists and models involved.

McQueen. Man Sandals. Mesh. The dancers from"Sprokets." That is all.

One spread that’s been getting a lot of shine is Unkle Karl’s shoot with the infamous Ms. Dirty Martini in Coco Chanel’s own atelier in Paris. Look the fuuuuuuuudge out because it’s insane.

The only thing missing from this image is the wolf in a leisure suit, whistling with eyes bulging. Oh yeah.

Not only is Ms. Martini so clearly confident in her own skin, she is silly and brazen, a true model, in all senses of the word. But, even though the issue brings up lots of questions and topics for heated debate, the reason I personally brought it up to you, is this: I’ve just found out that the love of my nails’ life, the ever amazing Ms. Naomi Yasuda did the nails for the Lagerfeld/Martini/Chanel shoot. Whaaat???

Yes, gurr. Yes. PS- Other worldly Photo Shop skills? Mine. You're welcome.

That’s right, pebblitos, Naomi’s ever growing list of impressive work has just gotten a few degrees hotter. Get INVOLVED. You know I am and I have been. Dead ass.

Enjoy your day, kiddies!!




Go, go, go- I have to GO!!!

January 7, 2010

This is my absolute new favorite thing. Yes, it came out a month ago but it pretty much makes my life. Especially since I’m secretly obsessed with the Bad Romance video. Sherry Vine does not disappoint. She never does- but this parody has to be the best of the beastly best. Peep the original Ms. Lady Gaga video here (just in case you live under a rock and you haven’t seen it yet) and then compare to Sherry Vine. It’s pretty clear who the winner is, also, who has the better razor blade shades. Get involved. This is high art and epic beauty, the likes of whih I have not seen in eons. Viva toilet bowl chic. Apparently, Sherry is either a fan of mine or at least Michael K. since she has taken the “Lady Caca” moniker to heart. BAM. And happy Thursday, rabbittos!!




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