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Big, blond and beautiful!

January 20, 2010

So, by now we’ve all seen the V Magazine shape issue pics. They are gorgeous.

Damn, she is pretty darn nekkid, isn't she?

From gorgeous plus sized model Tara Lynn wearing nothing but some bangles and pair of Dior heels to downtown New York kids of all sizes it’s a crazy issue with a gajillion photographers, designers, stylists and models involved.

McQueen. Man Sandals. Mesh. The dancers from"Sprokets." That is all.

One spread that’s been getting a lot of shine is Unkle Karl’s shoot with the infamous Ms. Dirty Martini in Coco Chanel’s own atelier in Paris. Look the fuuuuuuuudge out because it’s insane.

The only thing missing from this image is the wolf in a leisure suit, whistling with eyes bulging. Oh yeah.

Not only is Ms. Martini so clearly confident in her own skin, she is silly and brazen, a true model, in all senses of the word. But, even though the issue brings up lots of questions and topics for heated debate, the reason I personally brought it up to you, is this: I’ve just found out that the love of my nails’ life, the ever amazing Ms. Naomi Yasuda did the nails for the Lagerfeld/Martini/Chanel shoot. Whaaat???

Yes, gurr. Yes. PS- Other worldly Photo Shop skills? Mine. You're welcome.

That’s right, pebblitos, Naomi’s ever growing list of impressive work has just gotten a few degrees hotter. Get INVOLVED. You know I am and I have been. Dead ass.

Enjoy your day, kiddies!!




Go, go, go- I have to GO!!!

January 7, 2010

This is my absolute new favorite thing. Yes, it came out a month ago but it pretty much makes my life. Especially since I’m secretly obsessed with the Bad Romance video. Sherry Vine does not disappoint. She never does- but this parody has to be the best of the beastly best. Peep the original Ms. Lady Gaga video here (just in case you live under a rock and you haven’t seen it yet) and then compare to Sherry Vine. It’s pretty clear who the winner is, also, who has the better razor blade shades. Get involved. This is high art and epic beauty, the likes of whih I have not seen in eons. Viva toilet bowl chic. Apparently, Sherry is either a fan of mine or at least Michael K. since she has taken the “Lady Caca” moniker to heart. BAM. And happy Thursday, rabbittos!!




click the photos to view the videos….




Nadja does Basel

December 15, 2009

Here’s a special Art Basel recap from everyone’s favorite gamin German, Nadja!!! Enjoy, rabbitos!!



“I’m very happy my friend Roxy asked me to report for all you bunnies from Art Basel. It motivated me to go to as many exhibitions as possible instead of just party down in Miami, the party’s were sick btw.

On the first day of Art Basel I met up with my friend Florian Böhm from Munich, a very talented photographer. A gallery was showing his work so I was very happy he was in town. Anyway, we had brunch and he gave me an invitation for the Design Miami. The Design Miami was in a very small tent but they showed nice works of Maarten Bass, an incredible designer from the Netherlands. He won the Design Award 2009 for this chair.

PHOTO 1.jpg

I really liked his so called “Drawer.”

PHOTO 2.jpg

It looks like a spaceship has landed on planet earth.

After that Kenise, is my oldest friend in NY, and I went to see the Wynwood Walls.


Shepard Fairey had a huge wall space which was stunning. I love him so much. He has reached world wide attention since he drew Obama during the 2008 election. The public nature of his artwork, on walls, street signs, T-shirts and in various ad campaigns, allows anyone to see it. On his website, he sells his prints, shirts, books and stickers at affordable prices. Which is rare in contemporary art.

At the Wynwood Walls I then spotted ‘YONE‘ Yasumasa Yonehara a well known Japanese photographer and art director, I adore his work so much, I went up to him and said hi. He was very friendly and amazed I recognized him, we talked and he gave me a flyer of his exhibition and said I should come:)


I was even more excited, because I didn’t even know he was showing his work.

My friends from Berlin were in town for Art Basel they run the monthly event ‘THE BROKEN HEARTS CLUB‘. They throw parties in Berlin, for Paris and Berlin Fashion Week, Stockholm, Miami and it’s always something special. They’ve got themed parties like ‘the Mask Ball’ or ‘Chinese Ball’ where all the fabulous freaks come out and dress up. The idea behind The Broken Hearts club is that friends, DJs, designers and drtists play their favorite love songs all night.

The party was at 721 Bar on South Beach and Peaches was the guest of the night. It was a special karaoke performance by Peaches and she seriously killed it the place was packed.
PHOTO 5.jpg
On the next day I went to check out Yone’s exhibit it was in an old fashioned Miami Motel in 2 rooms, I loved the atmosphere right away.

PHOTO 6 .jpg

PHOTO 7.jpg

PHOTO 8 .jpg

PHOTO 9.jpg

I saw his work all over blogs, French press as well as in Self Service and lots of other magazines and I thought he did the American Apparel ads. When I asked him about it he told me that American Apparel was interested in him doing the ads so he met up with “The Chief” and he took photos of Yone’s portfolio of every single image. Soon his style was copied by American Apparel and yet they never hired Yone. I was literally shocked! I asked him about his images and which camera he uses, he then pulled out a small FujiFilm Polaroid Camera and said, I take pictures with this and then blow ‘em up!

PHOTO 10 .jpg

If you got curious read his interview here.

That night we were pretty pretty busy partying first we went to see Kid Sister at the Delano. She killed it of course, Rocking Kerin Rose’s Sabotage Glasses.

photo 11.jpg

I was so busy dancing I couldn’t get a straight shot. Her dancers rocked golden Pantomime masks- AMAZING.

After we were all hyped up by Kid Sister’s performance we went straight over to the Raleigh Hotel where I met up with Alina, Moonie and Tatiana. Junior Sanchez and Atekniq threw a rooftop party. It was exactly what I expected to be an amazing house party.

photo 12.jpg

After that we wanted to rave some more, since I peeked in the Club Le Baron the night before, we all headed over to the Delano again. Le Baron is a club in Paris. I’ve been there twice and it’s so Parisien, absolutely lovely. André the owner, who did the Le Paris Paris Club and runs the amazing Hotel Amour, opened up ‘the little brother’ the Club Le Baron just for Art Basel. As we headed over we ran into SO ME the Art Brain of the Ed Banger Crew. We hung out and had an amazing night, danced a lot. I would say we danced into the morning.
photo 13.jpg

After a looooong nap I met up with Alina and we all headed downtown to see the Pulse Art Fair, it was just too much good art to all be taken in, the thing is with big art fairs you are so busy with how much is around that you can’t really enjoy it, but I found some nice things. Like Glitter Vinyl how awesome is that!

photo 14.jpg

I especially loved the neon lighted books too.

photo 15.jpg

We all wanted to check out Photo Miami as well but then this huge cloud of frightening hurricane gray came over us.

photo 16 .jpg

It was only a few hours away until Alina’s 30th Birthday, her friend managed to put us on the list for David La Chapelle’s exhibition after party at the Raleigh Hotel poolside. It was rad, posh, overwhelming, A,B and C celebrities freaks, gallerists and party people all came together. They served free everything, it was amazing. They even had a live jazz band and old fashioned dressed swimmers who performed.

photo 17 .jpg

After that it was another long night out, we headed over to Downtown where we celebrated Alina’s 30th Birthday at the Ghostly International 10th Anniversary at the White Room. I sadly ran out of battery so no pics from there.
That was about it! I must say Miami rules hard, the weather, the people, the food the parties. It was a trip I will never forget.

Can’t wait till WMC 2010!



There’s No School Like the Old School

November 30, 2009

Oscar Wilde, sometime love of my literary life, once said, “Everything popular is wrong.” Well, sometimes he’s right on with that one and sometimes he’s not. Considering young people who like and blog about art, you might think that “popular” art is anything new, edgy or obtuse. A room full of oranges accompanied by video screens showing people peeling oranges might blow up your local young art blog but what about the classics?

He also said, "to love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong love affair." Considering how he's dressed, it's no surprise he loved himself.

Everyone is always looking for the next new thing, right? Well, if that’s what we’re applying the above Wilde quote to, the new or otherwise known as “the popular,” then shucks, I’m gonna have to concur with my dear friend Oscar. That being said, let’s take a trip to the storied Metropolitan Museum of Art right here in New York.

First of all, the incredible Robert Frank show, put together by my home team, The National Gallery of Art in DC, is game changing.

Trolley, New Orleans

The exhibit, entitled, “Looking In: Robert Frank’s The Americans” celebrates the 50th anniversary of Frank’s seminal The Americans book of black and white photos of, you guessed it, Americans!

"New York City" To me, the eyebrows say it all.

But seriously, if you aren’t familiar with Frank or The Americans here’s a quick sum up: after a short period of indifference at its publication in 1959, critics and the public alike, wised up to the brilliance of Frank’s simple yet powerful street photography.

Charleston, North Carolina

This show at the Met brings the original prints back together plus contact sheets and earlier works by Frank, who still lives and shoots in New York.

Movie Premiere, Hollywood

It’s only on until January 3rd so make sure you get on over to check it out.

Annnnd, as if that weren’t enough incentive for you to get on that 6 train then listen to this. If you’re an art nerd like me, or if you just like American history or interesting beautiful stuff, make sure to take a look at American Stories: Paintings of Everyday Life, 1765-1915.

Watson and the Shark by John Singleton Copley

The appeal of this exhibit may lie in its simplicity: regular people leading regular lives.

The New Bonnet by Francis WIlliam Edmonds

These images give us an idea of how quickly and dynamically American life changed over a relatively short period of time.

The Power of Music by William Sidney Mount

Some may find classic works of art like these staid or impertinent to our modern lives in the 21st century but the themes and humanity, the facial expressions and fashion, are all too familiar and prove that we could all learn something from these American masters.

The Artist in His Museum by Charles Wilson Peale

In many ways, our very own American stories may not be so very different. This special exhibit also closes in January on the 24th so hurry it up and take in some American Stories. Ya heard?

The Jolly Flatboatmen by George Caleb Bingham (a favorite since I was a wee van Peebles)

Get your MetroCard, get to the Met and get involved!!


-Pebbles van Peebles

There’s a Party on my NAILS!!!

November 19, 2009

It’s been a long time coming and now, the day before our big Hey Girl Hey event at Washington National Harbor, it’s finally time to blog about the sweet, sweet manna of life known as Japanese nail art and, the even sweeter, Naomi Yasuda of Hello Beautiful Salon in Brooklyn. If you are in the know, you know already about the super talented and always on point Naomi.

The Promised Land of Glitter and GEMS!!

I started getting my nails done by Naomi back in March and since then I have not gone a single day without her sassy artwork on my nails. Although I knew about Japanese nail art before, I had never experienced it personally. Yeah, I’d seen your odd 3D rose or polka dots and bow or whatever kind of wah wah stuff everyone in a major city and cares about beauty has seen. But this is the type of stuff you wear and everyone who sees your nails asks about them. In one day I had the TSA lady at the airport ask me about my nails, then the barista at a coffee shop, the cashier at a smoothie place in San Francisco, two people in a thrift shop, a lady working at a grocery store and a bartender. In two cities and one day! Yeah.

I have these at this very moment... so meta.

People will ask to take pictures of your nails on the train, you will get addicted quickly to the fanciful, fun and glittery action on your nails. As my sister Roxy, a recent Naomi convert, said, “You know what nails like this are good for? Whenever you’re having a day day you can just look down and say,”Hey, there’s a little party happening on my nails!” Well, HEY GIRL HEY. Roxy is right, it’s so sincerious. And, to harken back to the wise words of Aura Friedman, when it comes to beauty, you’ve gotta do what makes you feel good. And as cheesy as it sounds, these silly, over the top nails make me happy. Dead ass.

See the little bone and the Fred Flintstone style print? Yeah, this was an homage to myself...

But back to the lecture at hand, not only are Naomi’s talents bananas but she uses one of the best products out there, Calgel.

Your ideal cheese ball product shot... et VOILA!

Unlike acryllic nails, Calgel allows moisture to pass through between the air and your actual nail. So not only is it a nail strengthener but you won’t get crazy lifting and dangerours fungus. Plus it dries incredibly fast and does NOT chip. Although for me personally, the gems, chains and knicknacks stuck on top are my favorite part. Here are a few more examples of work she’s done on my very own van Peebles paws.

My very first Calgel nails by Naomi... it's like baby pictures!!

One of my personal favorites.

I went canoeing and hiking with these summery babies. Yaaas.

From leopard spots and fruit to tiger stripes and glitter, from cheetah spots and neon bones to metal studs and acrylic lobsters- this girl has insane skills.

Get involved with THIS rock lobster. He's miraculously cute.

The big honkin' stone nails? Yaaas. FTW!

She has done nails for Lady Gaga, Amber Rose, Alicia Keys, Amanda Lepore, Jordin Sparks, Keri Hilson, Steven Tyler and currently she is working on nails for the new Sex and the City movie. She can’t stop won’t stop. And thank goodness for that. Seriously, this girl is more talented than most graphic designers, nail technicians and artists working in macro mediums… comBINED.

These, although not as colorful as I usually go for, may have been my absolute favorite.

She is currently developing big projects for the future and you will definitely see more of her. But until then, make sure to call ahead to Hello Beautiful at (718) 387-4732 to make an appointment with Naomi, since clearly, she gets booked up fast. Or if you live in or around DC, bring your little cottontail over to the Aloft Hotel tomorrow night for Hey Girl Hey’s big event since Ms. Yasuda will be doing nails for free on site! Git the fingernail glamour you have always dreamed of. BAM.

The loverly and enchanting Naomi Yasuda

Maybe we’ll see you in DC at Aloft and if not, maybe I’ll bump into you at Hello Beautiful. I’ll be there makin jokes and talkin smack with my girl Naomi!!


-Pebbles van Peebles

I’m an Edie Sedgwick/Madonna Blond- Thanks to Aura Friedman!

November 18, 2009

Hey girl hair color. Dead ass. Let’s get real. Hair coloring is not only essential to the lives of many a lady but it is so serious that even a minor misfire can ruin 5 weeks of your life. Lucky for me I have the honor, privilege and good fortune to know and to enjoy the talents of one Aura Friedman, colorist extraordinaire. With a life long knack for pairing and mixing colors, starting in elementary school art classes, matched with an impeccable palate and an interest in science, Aura’s future seemed almost too obvious. She started working in a salon at the ripe old age of 15, around which time I was, hrm… over-plucking my eyebrows and giving up on corduroy overalls… sorry. My bad fashion and beauty past is beside the point.

Back to Aura. By 22 she was a full time colorist in South Beach and started at the infamous Bumble & Bumble Salon here in New York in 2001. She still wows clients and Bumble & Bumble after eight years.  As if that doesn’t sound like enough of a whirlwind she also counts a few brilliantly coiffed celebrities as clients. Among them: Lady Gaga,

Who could forget this moment? That pink? Aura!!


Hair color by Aura.

and Sophie Dahl.

Also, one of my favorite Aura’s stories, she once bleached the mohawk of an up and coming British comedian for a gay fashionista character he was developing for an HBO show. You know him.

Bleach blond mohawk? In auder aus? Absolut "in!"

She said he was very quiet. Shockerooonie! Anywhey… Aura also exclusively colored the custom wafts for the uber-talented Jules Kim’s Bijules Hairem collection.

Bijules NYC flame hairrings on fiiyyah!!

Hairrings colored by Aura were (and still are) out almost every night in New York adorning some incredibly fierce ears. Aura takes inspiration from artists like Salvador Dali, Mucha and Damien Hirst. But, she insists it’s her clients and friends who inspire her the most.

Dynamite woodland fairy look, courtesy of Aura.

Besides working on editorial shoots, backstage at fashion shows and teaching seminars Aura is of course one of the most talented, and might I add funny and drop dead gorgeous, of the stable of colorists at Bumble and Bumble Uptown. You can get this wonderful artist in your life, and more importantly in your hair, with a quick phone call to (212) 521-6500. And yes, I know like you all do, that this recession is a humdinger. But, when asked why people should spend money on beauty in these tough times, Aura gave me a sensible and Hey Girl Hey certifiable answer, “You gotta do what makes you feel good.” Well put, sister. I will see you in 3 weeks and counting! I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The lovely lady herself, Aura Friedman!!


-Pebbles van Peebles