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Karmaloop TV

September 27, 2011

Karmaloop TV was in the building and got some exclusive “Hey Girl Hey” footage

click the picture above to check it out


Hey Girl Hey Video Premier Party

September 27, 2011

Friday September 9th was the premier of the Hey Girl Hey Lifestyle Enhancement video at RedBull Space. Words can’t really explain what went down. Cherie Lily and John Renaud debuted their line “Thrills” for Fashion Week, famed nail artist Naomi Yasuda was in the building blessing the nails of bunnies & boys everywhere. There were performances by the beautiful Amanda Lepore, Cazwell and Miss Roxy Cottontail herself. I’ll just let the pics show you what you missed .
*Special thanks to   Wire Image and Mel D. Cole for the photos

Roxy Cottontail & “Hey Girl Hey Lifestyle Enhancement” connoisseur Paloma Perez

The “Thrills” collection

Miss Amanda Lepore

Hey Girl Hey!!!

September 27, 2011

We at Hey Girl Hey proudly present….

HEY GIRL HEY Lifestyle Enhancement Video directed by Kareem Black

Produced by Kids With Candy
Written by Kareem Black, The Paloma & Roxy Cottontail
Edited by Thomas Niles
Starring: Amanda Lepore, Roxy Cottontail, The Paloma, Cherie Lily, Cazwell, The Fat Jew, The Vivitron, Pebbles Van Peebles & Geronimo Frias
Video Announcer by Sean CrisdenShot

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November 6, 2009 is alive with love!

November 6, 2009



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