There’s a Party on my NAILS!!!

November 19, 2009 by

It’s been a long time coming and now, the day before our big Hey Girl Hey event at Washington National Harbor, it’s finally time to blog about the sweet, sweet manna of life known as Japanese nail art and, the even sweeter, Naomi Yasuda of Hello Beautiful Salon in Brooklyn. If you are in the know, you know already about the super talented and always on point Naomi.

The Promised Land of Glitter and GEMS!!

I started getting my nails done by Naomi back in March and since then I have not gone a single day without her sassy artwork on my nails. Although I knew about Japanese nail art before, I had never experienced it personally. Yeah, I’d seen your odd 3D rose or polka dots and bow or whatever kind of wah wah stuff everyone in a major city and cares about beauty has seen. But this is the type of stuff you wear and everyone who sees your nails asks about them. In one day I had the TSA lady at the airport ask me about my nails, then the barista at a coffee shop, the cashier at a smoothie place in San Francisco, two people in a thrift shop, a lady working at a grocery store and a bartender. In two cities and one day! Yeah.

I have these at this very moment... so meta.

People will ask to take pictures of your nails on the train, you will get addicted quickly to the fanciful, fun and glittery action on your nails. As my sister Roxy, a recent Naomi convert, said, “You know what nails like this are good for? Whenever you’re having a day day you can just look down and say,”Hey, there’s a little party happening on my nails!” Well, HEY GIRL HEY. Roxy is right, it’s so sincerious. And, to harken back to the wise words of Aura Friedman, when it comes to beauty, you’ve gotta do what makes you feel good. And as cheesy as it sounds, these silly, over the top nails make me happy. Dead ass.

See the little bone and the Fred Flintstone style print? Yeah, this was an homage to myself...

But back to the lecture at hand, not only are Naomi’s talents bananas but she uses one of the best products out there, Calgel.

Your ideal cheese ball product shot... et VOILA!

Unlike acryllic nails, Calgel allows moisture to pass through between the air and your actual nail. So not only is it a nail strengthener but you won’t get crazy lifting and dangerours fungus. Plus it dries incredibly fast and does NOT chip. Although for me personally, the gems, chains and knicknacks stuck on top are my favorite part. Here are a few more examples of work she’s done on my very own van Peebles paws.

My very first Calgel nails by Naomi... it's like baby pictures!!

One of my personal favorites.

I went canoeing and hiking with these summery babies. Yaaas.

From leopard spots and fruit to tiger stripes and glitter, from cheetah spots and neon bones to metal studs and acrylic lobsters- this girl has insane skills.

Get involved with THIS rock lobster. He's miraculously cute.

The big honkin' stone nails? Yaaas. FTW!

She has done nails for Lady Gaga, Amber Rose, Alicia Keys, Amanda Lepore, Jordin Sparks, Keri Hilson, Steven Tyler and currently she is working on nails for the new Sex and the City movie. She can’t stop won’t stop. And thank goodness for that. Seriously, this girl is more talented than most graphic designers, nail technicians and artists working in macro mediums… comBINED.

These, although not as colorful as I usually go for, may have been my absolute favorite.

She is currently developing big projects for the future and you will definitely see more of her. But until then, make sure to call ahead to Hello Beautiful at (718) 387-4732 to make an appointment with Naomi, since clearly, she gets booked up fast. Or if you live in or around DC, bring your little cottontail over to the Aloft Hotel tomorrow night for Hey Girl Hey’s big event since Ms. Yasuda will be doing nails for free on site! Git the fingernail glamour you have always dreamed of. BAM.

The loverly and enchanting Naomi Yasuda

Maybe we’ll see you in DC at Aloft and if not, maybe I’ll bump into you at Hello Beautiful. I’ll be there makin jokes and talkin smack with my girl Naomi!!


-Pebbles van Peebles


Lick, Bite, Slurp

November 18, 2009 by

It’s highly impossible that once you bite into a cupcake you might be inept to drive a moving vehicle, scratch your nose at the same time or even snap your fingers to the right BPM.  The inhalation of sugary confection, the vision of insane colors coming at you as you hoist the sponged delight off the bakery counter and closer to your hungry mouth; these moments are delectable.  All senses are ambushed and no doubt a flash of one of your greatest cupcake moments will be added to that big slide projector of a screening that you apparently experience once your boobs start to sag and you kick the bucket.  Call this a concierge for the elderly, an application to acknowledge that life will be sweet with but a speckle of these tastes on your tongue. Before you cease youth and start peeing in your throwback sequined panties from yester-year, below is a list of the best cupcakes in New York.  Aforementioned warning: Magnolia Bakery is omitted because the lines are too damn long and well, we at Hey Girl Hey don’t flow with all those Sex in the City tourists.

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A Lil’ word on Style vs. Fashion

November 18, 2009 by

‘sigh’ …Fashion gets a bad rap sometimes. it’s often presented as this elite, separatist movement that only the wealthy & status driven can connect to. The idea of “luxury” is collected, revamped & resold over & over in marketing campaigns targeting potential consumers of all persuasions. what makes something sought after is usually based on rarity, so the idea always being “you want what you can’t have.”

we read it, we eat it, we spray it on us, we wrap ourselves in this promise that if we ‘look’ a certain way or attain a certain thing we will be IN style. now let me be the first to say, i find nothing more pretentious than someone else telling you what YOU like. as an active voice on style for many years, my goal has never been to change a ‘real’ person or character to something they are not, rather to highlight & impress what they uniquely are. Fashion & style, much like most inspirations, is a living breathing, constantly changing OPINION based philosophy. The more u practice tapping in to what YOU like naturally & are drawn to (or repelled by) organically, the more “style-ish” you become.

i am merely a resource to hash thru the overly saturated market & bring u the best, most interesting, most fun & of course the most beautiful movements in wardrobe. this is the first step to using the expertise of a professional stylist to better the scenes in the movie called “your life.” you dont have to know about current fashion to BE stylish, and knowing ALL about fashion does not make you dress better BUT as any art awareness, options give you new perspective & finding out u like something you didnt even know existed is the basis of discovery. lets LOOK… hmmm?

Now, the art of COSTUMING in fashion is a whole other animal entirely. it involves masking who or whats ‘really’ under there. you can become the king of Versailles as easily as Lady Gaga with a few tricks of wardrobe, wigs & makeup magic. it can be fun to get lost in a bygone era thru imagery like those sepia toned western ‘Family portraits’ we’ve all done at the fair… or just rock out at a Halloween party & meet Zorro & Little Bo Peep over party punch. becoming something else, whoever u want, whatever you want is the nature of fantasy.

BUT we live in a world called reality. And the craziest stuff actually happens here. to be loved for ur natural self is the driving force of humanity. but to experience bursts of genuine SELF appreciation is what it’s all about & often the hardest feeling to hold onto. my ongoing ‘social experiment’ involves collecting research & testing theories of ‘tribal language-less communication’ ie. “what you wear says a LOT about you to others AND yourself even before u ever open your mouth.” if this idea sounds judgemental or scary, dont fret, Hey Girl Hey is here to take you thru your journey. we’ll cover the gamut to better the personal ‘appearance experience’ AS WELL AS news worthy highlights, accomplishments & risks in the art of fashion & design here on planet earth.

my motto in fashion AND life has always been:

“Blessed are those of us who can laugh at ourselves, for we are the ones who never cease to be amused” -anon

It’s a dog eat dog world out there but a smile is ALWAYS the best accessory


I’m an Edie Sedgwick/Madonna Blond- Thanks to Aura Friedman!

November 18, 2009 by

Hey girl hair color. Dead ass. Let’s get real. Hair coloring is not only essential to the lives of many a lady but it is so serious that even a minor misfire can ruin 5 weeks of your life. Lucky for me I have the honor, privilege and good fortune to know and to enjoy the talents of one Aura Friedman, colorist extraordinaire. With a life long knack for pairing and mixing colors, starting in elementary school art classes, matched with an impeccable palate and an interest in science, Aura’s future seemed almost too obvious. She started working in a salon at the ripe old age of 15, around which time I was, hrm… over-plucking my eyebrows and giving up on corduroy overalls… sorry. My bad fashion and beauty past is beside the point.

Back to Aura. By 22 she was a full time colorist in South Beach and started at the infamous Bumble & Bumble Salon here in New York in 2001. She still wows clients and Bumble & Bumble after eight years.  As if that doesn’t sound like enough of a whirlwind she also counts a few brilliantly coiffed celebrities as clients. Among them: Lady Gaga,

Who could forget this moment? That pink? Aura!!


Hair color by Aura.

and Sophie Dahl.

Also, one of my favorite Aura’s stories, she once bleached the mohawk of an up and coming British comedian for a gay fashionista character he was developing for an HBO show. You know him.

Bleach blond mohawk? In auder aus? Absolut "in!"

She said he was very quiet. Shockerooonie! Anywhey… Aura also exclusively colored the custom wafts for the uber-talented Jules Kim’s Bijules Hairem collection.

Bijules NYC flame hairrings on fiiyyah!!

Hairrings colored by Aura were (and still are) out almost every night in New York adorning some incredibly fierce ears. Aura takes inspiration from artists like Salvador Dali, Mucha and Damien Hirst. But, she insists it’s her clients and friends who inspire her the most.

Dynamite woodland fairy look, courtesy of Aura.

Besides working on editorial shoots, backstage at fashion shows and teaching seminars Aura is of course one of the most talented, and might I add funny and drop dead gorgeous, of the stable of colorists at Bumble and Bumble Uptown. You can get this wonderful artist in your life, and more importantly in your hair, with a quick phone call to (212) 521-6500. And yes, I know like you all do, that this recession is a humdinger. But, when asked why people should spend money on beauty in these tough times, Aura gave me a sensible and Hey Girl Hey certifiable answer, “You gotta do what makes you feel good.” Well put, sister. I will see you in 3 weeks and counting! I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The lovely lady herself, Aura Friedman!!


-Pebbles van Peebles


November 17, 2009 by

The Hey Girl Hey hour is finally upon us, rabbittos!! That is right! This Friday the Washington DC Metro Area will be invaded by a grip of fluffy tailed, lop-eared lovleys. All the bunnies between New York and DC: get your bus tickets and your dancing shoes together cause the party at the Aloft Hotel in National Harbor kicks off at 7PM sharp. Also, be sure you send in your RSVP to

Aloft and Roxy Cottontail Present…


Friday Nov. 20th – 7 PM to 11 PM


Roxy Cottontail (NYC)

DJ Jackie O (DC)

& DJ Fabiana (DC)

Nails by…

Naomi Yasuda (Hello Beautiful/JA/NYC)

Photography by…

Pebbles van Peebles

Specialty Cocktails by Pepsi



156 Waterfront Street

National Harbor, Maryland 20745


Where will we be??


Driving Directions!!!




Wine of the Week

November 15, 2009 by

LuzonHey Girl Hey (or Yo Son Yo)! It’s Candy, here to bring you the Wine of the Week!

I will be choosing seasonal and recession friendly wines that reflect the current temperatures and economic climate.

2007 Finca Luzon Jumilla

This wine is a bargain from Jumilla, Spain. I’m not going to get into the technical mumbo jumbo (ex. I smell a hint of cherries & tabacco on the nose, I COULD but, I will keep it simple).

It is a lush, bold and fruity wine. 65% Mourvedre and 35% Syrah. 14.5% alcohol 🙂 Pair it with a nice steak or hamburger. For my sustainable people, they also make a organic version (look for Verde on the label). And it retails for just $7.99 per bottle!


November 6, 2009 by is alive with love!

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